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Omegapoint provides Enterprise technical solutions to the Small Business. We do not pretend to know everything like many other consulting organizations. Being a jack of all trades and a master of nothing does not help you or us in our quest to help you succeed in your business. Check out our services below. Give us a call or email for more information. We are nice people. We are located in Southern California serving business from Santa Barbara to San Diego.


Our mission: We aim to provide each unique client optimal solutions to increase productivity and lower the total cost of ownership.


Cloud Solutions

A cloud is a series of data centers that are not located on your premises.  They offer multiple services and are not all the same. We work with you to determine the best cloud services to meet your needs and create a matrix with your requirements. We provide you with meaningful information and services to put you in the position of making the most informed and effective decisions for your business operations.

Unified Communications

We offer you a thorough analysis of your internal and external communications systems. We provide each of our clients with a customized solution to meet your integrated technical communications needs. From messaging and collaboration tools from Slack, CISCO, 8X8 or other leading edge tools from some of the most interesting vendors out there lets us get you through the weeds and put you on the road to successful communications throughout your company.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. That's why you have insurance policies. We don't like to think about disasters and their implications. But if you have a plan on how to deal with them you are a step ahead. We fully analyze your technical vulnerabilities and create, implement and update your systems to keep you ahead of any disaster. 

Security is the most important part of your IT solution.  Omega Point Technology Solutions works with each customer to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover to build and monitor your security architecture using the National Institute of Standards and Technology cybersecurity framework. To best protect your business, we utilize a layered approach to make sure that all of your employees are both cyber-aware and cyber-safe. 



Cyber Security
Network Solutions

A network connects all of your devices together across your company.  Omega Point Technology Solutions understands that your network is the backbone of your business.  We work with your company to create the best possible network solution and maximize its potential for your business. Whether you have one site or 50 we can optimize a it for your business. From SD-WAN, MPLS, Satellite in hard to reach locations and 4G backups we can help.

Media Workflow

We offer specialized services to our clients working in the media industry. With expertise in programs and processes distinct to the industry, we service your workflow, storage, and infrastructure needs.   


Omegapoint's leadership and knowledge in technology is second to none. 

James Roiz

CFO Lavabear Films


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